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Add a simplified, Charlotte Mason-Inspired feast to their homeschools

12 easy ways to simplify your homeschool and avoid burnout

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Get ready for a better, simpler homeschool experience!

This free cheat sheet gives you 12 easy ways to simplify your homeschool routine and make your homeschool more enjoyable for everyone!

Hey There, I'm Cherelle

and I like to help busy, multi-passionate moms simplify their homeschools

Are you the homeschool mom who stresses about complicated lesson plans, huge homeschool to-do lists and curriculum that causes headaches and the constant pressure to "do it all"? I've SO been there, friend— You're not alone and I can help you. And now, I'm on a mission to guide and help moms along their homeschooling journeys by teaching them how they can provide their children with a rich and living education at home, simply and intentionally. No fluff, no fuss... just simple methods to provide an abundant homeschool experience. Ready for me to help you?

Homeschool Coaching Sessions

for the homeschool mama who wants to give her children a rich and living education at home